A little about me

IMG_0396Hi readers! My name is Lacey and I am a French bulldog, this is my blog about my adventures.

Let me tell you all about myself, right from the beginning.

My full name is Vangance Lacey wishes.

I was born on 24th September 2016, it was a Monday, I was part of a litter of eleven (that’s right ELEVEN!). My mum was named Yemmonie and after having three of us became very unwell and had to be taken to see the vets to have an emergency caesarean. Unfortunately due to the size of the litter my mum sadly passed away, this is where my journey began.

I was hand raised with my siblings by Chrissie and she done such a great job, we thrived with her help, unfortunately six of my brothers and sisters didn’t make it.

I finally met my human on 17th November where she fell in love with me, I was one of two girls.

My human had already picked my name Lacey but Chrissie told her that she had named me Wishes and my sister Secret, this was because she secretly wanted to keep my sister and was wishing my human would pick me, luckily it all worked out and she said I was ‘the one’. My human Dee couldn’t take me home yet as I was still a little too young so we had to wait a few weeks before we would see each other again.

This is my blog from when my human Dee took me home from the first meeting onwards!

I hope you enjoy my adventures!

Thank you for reading.

Love Lacey xx🐾